Crack filling and delaminated surface renovation

Technoway Industries uses the company’s experience and knowledge as well as professional equipment to offer repairs of concrete floors and concrete surfaces.


Our offer

We can carry out even the most complicated repair works for industrial concrete floors: from crack filling and delaminated surface renovation to floor substitution partly or fully. We offer to plan and carry out floor reconstruction to customize the floor for client’s needs. We can create deepenings, platforms, technological channels and other nonstandard solutions, for example, for doorsteps, passages and other junction, thus facilitating you production process.

Our experience

We have implemented even the most daring projects for our clients, offering customization of different materials and construction solutions for each object.

Why choose us?

We believe that suitably customized technological solutions make everyday tasks easier and raise your effectiveness. We are a team with knowledge about processing metal and concrete. Each Tehnoway Industries client and the respective solution is unique.
We do our job with the highest level of responsibility — just as the best do!

Thank you for challenging us!